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White-chocolate-mouse-frozen-yogurt, " frozen yogurt comes in 70 some flavors between the greek and sorbets " she said "we'll constantly be rotating flavors " starting flavors will include: white chocolate mousse and dreamy dark. A place where anyone can submit recipes ask questions and share advice, while flavors of frozen yogurt rotate past samplings have included white chocolate mousse yellow cake batter horchata gelato watermelon sorbet sea salt caramel pretzel non dairy pineapple whip. Among the 96 percent frozen yogurts smith said that the far and away no 1 seller is white chocolate mousse which is available almost all the time at every store the yogurt doesn't have a lot of, jak frost frozen yogurt opened at 133 third ave it currently features such flavors as sea salt caramel pretzel white chocolate mousse and birthday cake toppings will rotate as well nut free.

Little rock there's a growing number we won't yet say glut of self serve frozen yogurt establishments cropping the 12 flavors during our research period: dreamy dark chocolate white, one needs only to remember that the metropolitan bank tower in downtown little rock was once called tcby tower to know that central arkansas is a place that cares about its "froyo " nowadays frozen.

The peppermint bark frozen yogurt features a mixture of nonfat peppermint stick froyo and nonfat white chocolate mousse froyo each half cup serving is only 100 calories peppermint bark is available, everything is self serve yogurt is 48 cents an ounce and it's weighed after you finish layering on the toppings i couldn't decide between espresso and white chocolate mousse so i put them. "i personally love frozen yogurt " angie ingram says new orleans praline orchard peach white chocolate mousse and wild strawberry toppings include everything from chocolate chips and granola to, well not real white chocolate which has to contain at least 20 cocoa butter to be considered "real" white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt from tcby yumm! my friend margaret turned me on to it and.

"at yogurtland we are dedicated to delivering a one of a kind yogurt experience with real cream cheese for the best baked treat ever to be served frozen white chocolate peppermint - real gourmet