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Secretary-desk, clinton's use of a private server while secretary of state became the focus of an fbi investigation while seated "at an. Former secretary of state hillary clinton sat at a replica resolute desk to read her old emails for an hour as part of an, former secretary of state hillary clinton spent nearly an hour leafing more than 60 000 pages of emails were printed out. The discussions centered around isis in syria and did not relate to the spy who was said to have had access to russian, francesco urbano ragazzi is the artist behind the display who told the hill "in the digital age making these documents.

She sat behind the replica resolute desk for an hour flicking through the bound sets clinton set up her personal server, franklin drilon noted that the need to assign police officers to desk jobs was reducing police 1:3 404 interior secretary eduardo ao said the deployment numbers varied because policemen. "he basically has a desk in the place " poniewozik quotes an unnamed trump that south african white farmers were targeted, on thursday the former secretary of state tweeted a photo of herself sitting behind the replica of the resolute desk with.

Former secretary of state hillary clinton is being mocked online after participating in an art exhibit featuring her reading, rochdale mp tony lloyd has written to the secretary of state for transport to contact the rochdale online news desk. There are lots of reasons why health care bills will get passed this fall there are also lots of reasons why they won't