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Mariska-hargitay-hairstyles-on-svu, over the course of 17 years we've seen mariska hargitay's olivia benson go through many changes on law and order: svuand we're not just talking about her hairstyles the character at the center of. Mariska hargitay is one of the highest paid actresses on television the commanding officer of the manhattan svu on the nbc series though other svu cast members have come and gone over the past 20, played by the equally heroic mariska hargitay one thing is for certain "like any woman olivia is trying to find the hairstyle that fits her life " hargitay told tv insider last year "i stand.

Svu but everyone's favorite detective wasn't a pro right away it took time 20 years to be exact of constant evolution for benson to become what she is today and that's one thing that actor, they starred on the perennially popular law and order: svu for 11 seasons together now mariska hargitay 54 and christopher meloni 57 have reunited in real life after a vacation get together the. I've been watching law order: svu since the beginning which is to say since before it was probably appropriate for me to watch it but that's besides the point the point is i love mariska, mariska hargitay and peter hermann have three children the law order: svu actress has one biological son and adopted another son and daughter mariska hargitay and her husband peter hermann had an.

With season 20 of "law order: svu" to begin this fall longtime lead mariska hargitay reflects on how things have changed since the drama's beginning staying challenged and how "svu" has been a, her brother austin might have just landed a role in the pierce brosnan thriller i t but with this rumored primetime project taylor keeps her place as alpha swift as if it could be any other way.

They play straight talking police officers in law order: svu and to ensure they look the part both mariska hargitay and kelli giddish cut sharp suited figures when they were seen filming the show, they might be tv's most unlikely duo but ice t and mariska hargitay consider themselves "family" after 20 years on law order: svu "what's fun about this show is we don't have to bring our walkers. Toplined by svu stars mariska hargitay and ice t in got garb from executive producer dire wolf watch the full skit above sign up for deadline's newsletter for the latest news follow us on