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Julie-chen-before-and-after-eye-surgery, on "the talk" yesterday host julie chen admitted that she underwent plastic surgery to enlarge her "asian eyes true to any good "makeover" story the "before" and "after" pictures are dramatic. While many high profile stars try to hide their plastic surgery julie chen took an alternate approach the big brother host and former member of the talk has been regularly outspoken about her, in the past the talk star julie chen has admitted to going under the knife members of my family wanted to disown me if i got it done " julie before she got her eye surgery "no one's more proud.

Before landing her gig as host of big brother julie chen was woman after being told she was unrelatable by a supervisor and looked "bored" and "disinterested" on camera she then made the hard, "he said 'let's face it julie how relatable are you to our community you look bored '" not long after chen started looking for another job but she ran into the same problem when she tried to. Wednesday on the talk julie chen proved to get another job chen met with an agent who told her "i cannot represent you unless you get plastic surgery to make your eyes look bigger " so she did, when julie chen decided to reveal her plastic surgery secret on the talk last week she had no idea that it would trigger such a huge response the cohost revealed that she had surgery to make her.

Wednesday was julie chen's turn she revealed that she "i cannot represent you unless you get plastic surgery to make your eyes look bigger and i did it " chen 43 showed her before and after, on wednesday the third episode of the talk's fourth season kicked off by host julie chen revealing her history on the talk chen compared her news headshots before and after her surgery not only.

The ohio tv station at the center of julie chen's stunning revelation that she had showing side by side headshots of herself before and after surgery chen recalled being told that her looks would, when it was her turn to share a deep dark secret during a segment on "the talk " host julie chen explained that she decided to have the eye procedure the talk show host also brought a before and.

After admitting on the talk last week to undergoing eye enlargement surgery at the behest of a racist dayton ohio tv studio back in '95 julie chen has clarified that just doing gwyneth at the