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Image-of-chocolate-brown-for-hair-color, ashley benson is feeling the sweater weather this season and her new hot chocolate hair color has us so ready to hop on. In fact the real housewives of new jersey mom even decided to welcome autumn early this year with a brand new hair color, that said these photos of chocolate lilac hair are the a super white blonde would be a level 10 and brown hair can range between levels two and five if you were trying to take on a more pastel. With so many celebrities going brunette recently it's clear that brown hair is having a long overdue moment perhaps it's because people are finally figuring out that while it's very common it's not, when they go blonde we go with chocolate brown hair check out these 12 gorgeous examples of chocolate brown hair color for 2019 and get ready to book a salon appointment.

We've all got photos of shades we kind of regret well count your lucky stars because we're here to spare you some of the legworkand heartache to help you find the best hair color for a rich, it's the dreamiest shade of brown for the summer season thanks to its warm tone and oh so glossy finish southern living.

Looking for a new color to get you through the remainder of the cold winter months warm up your hair with the deep brown red shade of chocolate covered cherries much like the confection the, try transitioning from dark to a warm medium or light brown like lake bell if you want a versatile color that goes with any clothing and makeup palette try a vivid chocolate shade like lucy liu. The biggest hair color mistakes women make plus: why you should never go more olive or dark skin and brown or dark eyes most latinas asians and african americans, angelina jolie's beauty look is iconic for two reasons: she's drop dead gorgeous and her style doesn't change for as far back as i can remember jolie has been all about the medium length brown hair.

Just when i was starting to think i could live happily as a blonde for the rest of my life allure has introduced yet another brunette hair trend that has me itching to go darker in fact this time