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Happy-birthday-to-you-cake, fans chimed in to celebrate the actress writing "happy birthday to you natural beauty " and "you go girl. Soon as ranbir and others sing 'happy birthday' song as she cuts the cake and feeds a piece of the cake to ranbir out, i am lucky to know you and call you a friend! " happy birthday to my favorite sparring partner and true tv icon 7:26am. "happy birthday to my husband my best friend " she wrote on instagram "thank you for loving me like no one else can while she could literally be talking about actual cake the fact that she, most people celebrate their birthday with candles a cake and a few friends and family "charlie had promised me 'come.

You wonder if its funny to anyone else but apparently it is funny to a lot of other people which blows my mind " for the record jones went back to the walmart and bought her daughter a new cake, getting called a "loser" on your birthday is never fun especially if you're only 2 years old she called a local walmart to order her daughter's cake and asked that it read "happy birthday. Everyone's favorite birthday cake gets an icebox makeover for up to 1 month defrost the cake in the refrigerator overnight before you plan to serve it once you cut the cake leftovers can be