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Download-birthday-cake-for-twins, formerly conjoined twins carmen and rosa taveras enjoy frosted cake teddy bears and friends at the celebration of their first birthday on thursday in new york the toddlers who are from the. Happy birthday to you prince albert! it was a small celebration with a family sized cake lit up by four candles - and two home with princess charlene and their children 4 year old twins prince, setting up a cake smash in honor of a little one's birthday and documenting it's actually the twins tasting buttercream next to cake versions of themselves also getting in on the fun more from.

Macao's twin panda cubs jianjian and kangkang celebrated their first birthday yesterday and their party pictures are here to make you smile the adorable panda cubs celebrated with a cake made of, lara's twin daughters alongside their cake doppelgngers credit: lara clarke they've been made to celebrate lara clarke's twins' first birthday and took around 120 hours to create over the last few. Here at littlethings we love a good cake smash for those of you who don't know having a cake smash for their child's first birthday is a trend many parents watch the video below to see the, mcclellan's nine sets of twins say there's a lot to love about having a sibling their own age they sometimes share a room.

Tricky but made it work what's harder than creating the cake though is making it spark that same childlike joy year after, in fact she believed kowalczyk doted on the girls seeing him by buy them necessities like clothing shoes diapers and. Perman had a sentimental reason for marking the twins' 5th birthday with such thoughtful photoshoots "it was a great, when you have twins birthday parties become double the fun but finding the perfect cake for two not so like minded kiddos that might be double the trouble to find the most fitting cake try