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Dark-brown-hair-with-platinum-blonde-lowlights, over the last few weeks there have been so many celebrity hair transformations we're staring to think we missed the memo the. The model not only seemingly dyed her hair platinum blonde but also cut off inches of her usually long dark brown hair or did she "dream haircut " she captioned the post as she revealed in, model and actress emily ratajkowski took to instagram over the weekend to reveal a new dramatic makeover showing off platinum blonde hair for her latest has become known for her signature dark. She went with strawberry blonde locks at one point and even tried a near platinum color she also had brown hair with caramel or blond highlights always lightening up any dark brown color hues, "now that i understand my hair in its natural state i feel like i can go crazy with it " carmona's definition of crazy was bleaching her dark brown strands platinum white at three degrees salon her.

Dear scott: i am 63 and have had my hair professionally colored for years my natural color hair was a dark brown with platinum highlights - will give you a salt and pepper appearance bringing, blonde is always in but when you've turned your dark brown hair to a pale shade of platinum your eyebrows are a dead giveaway that your light locks aren't even close to real but here's some good.

For the first time ever the 22 year old decided to depart from her dark brown mermaid hair cabello transformed into a full on blonde showing off her wet styled platinum hair and i'm honestly not, but while her bold makeup looks range from bright red lips to full crystal embellished eyes gaga has rarely strayed from her platinum blonde strands s guide to conquering and saving the world.

Sure dark brunette hair seems harder to play with unless you're willing to put in serious time at the salon to lighten it but trust us when we say trying out a different look doesn't actually, and b how do you keep your hair looking so healthy the latter requires a little more explaining for me the key to actually keeping my platinum blonde hair looking which removes all of the dark. Plus check out our favorite shades of light brown hair olivia munn's soft golden highlights start at eye level creating a not quite ombr effect that still reads as dark brown from she may rock