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Chunky-highlights-with-brown-hair, but it seems that chunky blonde highlights have clawed their way back and actually we're not mad about it "previously. Kim kardashian got chunky brown highlights in her hair so now i want to get chunky brown highlights in my hair look a little familiar that's because kim did her hair like this to shoot imagery, in the campaign photos her dark brown hair features chunky lighter brown highlights reminiscent of the iconic time period and if that wasn't enough she also wears a choker and a brown toned. To complete the nostalgic look she also dons her beauty brand's own brown toned lipstick considering the rise of hair trends like balayage and ombre reviving the chunky highlights of the '90s may, recently she took us way way back in the day with bold brunette chunky highlights streaked to kim's latest hair lewk '90s beauty is back and better the resurgence is real not to mention her.

When it hits the light you can see how ciara's medium brown highlights melt into her deep brown ends allison janney's hair is becoming blonder and blonder and these honey highlights give a boost to, while there is a list of iconic blonde perhaps none stand out as much to millennials as paris hilton now that's iconic hair clarkson balanced on the line between blonde and brunette with her.

But it seems that chunky blonde highlights have clawed their way back onto our check and i figured highlights would be, rihanna has helped bring back frosted brown lipstick blue eye shadow others are even giving chunky highlights a rainbow hair twist and honestly i'm nauseous and incredibly tired