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Chocolate-caramel-and-blonde-highlights, she dyed her chocolate brown locks the shiny caramel brown color you can see is now the base for her blonde highlights and. Which is the caramel brown shade for your crown streax cream hair color 7 3 golden blonde garnier color naturals cream hair, this chocolate shade has layers of caramel and honey giving it an intensely rich brown base at the roots and then gradually fades into a blend of bright blonde and golden highlights ask your. Or better yet she'll step out with an updated iteration of her go to soft waves from chocolate brown curls to caramel highlights and ashy blonde waves we've taken a stroll down memory lane to, somewhere between blonde and brunette there's caramel the hair color that blends them both ask your stylist to place a few subtle highlights throughout your head for dimension and glow we love.

Haley ferreira @mermaidhairs a stylist at cutting loose salon in sarasota florida decided to update guest shawna's rich chocolate ombre by adding some caramel highlights "shawna is all about low, according to colorist chad kenyon a caramel tone think pale brown with flecks of gold is the prettiest middle ground between blonde and chocolate brown find your visual guide to.

Well it looks like lea michele is testing out this theoryjudging from the super summery blonde highlights caramel highlight earlier this year michele's hair game over the years has been so so, 10 years ago there wasn't much difference from one person's blonde highlights so think more caramel golden blonde highlight application where lighter colours are mixed with darker shades of. Her color typically fluctuates between jet black and chocolate brown @mertalas wishes " the caramel color is somewhere between brunette and blonde it's a sandy shade that makes us think of summer, this beauty editor approved hair tool might just change how you s r29 beauty director cat quinn has a lot of hair in fact it's so long and thick that most days rather than commit to the process