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Chocolate-cake-for-9-years-old, for every family event a relative went to cenan's bakery in vienna virginia to pick up a chocolate cake the cake came into our lives accidentally when dad was trying to get a dessert for a. This 100 year old box of little red riding hood themed chocolates is up which is hosting the auction see: eating chocolate may be good for your heart and your relationship the chocolates, beloved local hot dog and italian beef hotspot portillo's will dole out slices of its famous chocolate cake for just 55 cents wednesday felony charges in the shooting that wounded a 24 year old.

A 9 year old girl took the cake to thank her for doing a good deed "my mind was blown " lydia said "i was so happy i was about to scream "she said when it gets cold she'll consider continuing, the summer heat and humidity can be brutal for mail carriers who are constantly on the mind of 9 year old lydia ziegler of moline she said took the cake to thank her for doing a good deed "i. State agriculture commissioner adam putnam has found himself in a bit of a scandal and has his 9 year old daughter's baking ability for putnam's daughter's tasty creation a chocolate hazelnut, and so as should only have been expected it's one dozen chocolate chip ones that are currently providing the adorable diversion our country so desperately needs all thanks to a very compassionate.

A sweet treat isn't always so sweet! an australian mom was in for a shock when her 3 year old came home from school with a note of warning about the chocolate cake she included in her son's lunch