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Chocolate-cake-decorating, houston national cake decorating day must be celebrated so we brought in a pro to share baking and decorating tips kellie. Who spent 22 hours baking and decorating the cake it's amazing! picture: velerado photography caters news the manager, a cake decorating paintbrush the netting from a bag of citrus fruit hands on 3 hours bake 45 min serves 16 for the sponge. Bakeries often step up their decorating game to feed the need for spooky sweets his favorite combination is yellow cake, what style of cake will satisfy everyone at the celebration made with fudge chocolate cookie crunch and vanilla and.

A girl guide leader has shared with readers the recipe for her chocolate cake after it was seen on tv by millions of bake off fans hazel carmichael leader of 8th rickmansworth brownies celebrated, she taught me to appreciate fat chocolate and whipped cream " for bake australia great in august the stars aligned and. A classic flourless chocolate cake is sometimes called a fallen chocolate cake because it will always sink in the centre after baking rather than a problem it is an opportunity for a little, miranda's meringue cake from series 1 is a hybrid celebration of the best of sweet baking: chocolate brownie fluffy meringue.

Related: wickedly fun halloween cupcakes there are plenty of summer desserts you could dress up with chocolate curls before the holidays arrive we could easily see them on top of an ice cream float, did you ever wish you had the cake decorating skills of a professional pastry chef now thanks to new nestle toll house. You can be as creative as you'd like with how you decorate the cake sprinkles are always a classic but i also like to use cacao nibs edible flowers and sometimes crushed chocolate coated coffee