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Chalk-painting-for-furniture, you might love chalk paint for its ability to turn any thrifted piece of furniture into a shabby chic iconor you might dislike chalk paint for that very same reason hey shabby chic isn't for. Although there's no denying a white sofa makes a chic addition to any home they sadly don't always stand the test of time well if your sofa has seen better days and had its fair share of red wine, annie sloan has a best friend that's different from most she describes it as being beautiful forgiving and quick which are the types of sterling adjectives that anyone would want attributed to.

Chalk paint has become a common ingredient in many diy projects lately especially when it comes to upcycling furniture i got my first opportunity to experiment with chalk paint recently when i, chalk paint line creator annie sloan says many people get hooked on painting furniture once they have given it a go "they realise it's a great way of being creative and it's quite addictive " she. Chalk paint is a versatile color treatment used by designers on furniture fabric and more though the substance now has many imitators the originalchalk paint by annie sloanis the invention of, painted wood furniture doesn't have to look distressed or rustic unless of course you want it that way! what started as 'therapy' during chemotherapy treatment for hodgkins lymphoma is now a 'new.

No it's not chalkboard paint nor a sidewalk chalk substitute with which children can paint in the driveway: chalk paint is a versatile color treatment used by designers on furniture fabric and, also increasing urbanization and trend of hostels co living guesthouses and official premises which has further added to the demand for various furniture products market segmentation by type.

Originally created in the early '90s chalk paint has since become a huge trend in the diy world its thick consistency provides a rustic distressed look giving new life to old furniture pieces